What We Do

Our work on Public Policy Engagement has evolved over a decade or so as can be seen from some of the work mentioned on this site.

ENGAGE Public Policy is also a research, advice and practice service to help bridge the gaps between the public, policymakers, practitioners and academics.

We have expertise and experience of various forms of engagement including:

  • Citizenship, government and public policy education at all levels – from secondary school through to post-graduate and from public to professionals.
  • Policy Labs – online, secure, deliberation spaces
  • Establishing Public Policy Blogsites and other social media presence (including technical support).
  • Giving adviceto Policymakers in Parliament, Government and public agencies
  • Turning research results into Policy Briefings
  • Conducting research projects
  • Researching the needs of Policymakers and Academics
  • Organizing policy conferences, seminars and ‘Chatham House’ rule events
  • Designing and implementing development programs for Policymakers
  • Dealing with the media and publishing on professional platforms

And much, much more.

We have worked for a variety of government, public and not-for-profit organisations.